Welcome to EQIP

The Educational Quality Improvement Project (EQIP) is a continuous educational quality improvement program run by the Association of Program Directors of Surgery (APDS) to help Program Directors and Program Managers see data on their program as compared to other EQIP participating sites.

This is our first year of data collection and data reporting, so we have started with filterable comparative plots for 46 different data elements for each program and we also created performance Observed/Expected plots for each program. In our inaugural year, EQIP has 36 participating programs and in the high security database we have deidentified data on 1,265 residents. In future years, EQIP plans to look for best practices and to allow development of study Collaboratives within the EQIP participating programs.

If you are interested in participating, please contact David Harrington and Amit Joshi because we would be happy to sign your program up for next year’s data collection cycle, EQIP 2023 which will kick off in June of this year.

If you are an EQIP participating site, please join us behind the member firewall and start enjoying your data.

~ The EQIP Team